Products and Services

At Hadel Financial Advisors, Inc., a client's goals and concerns are discussed through individualized meetings. In addition, a risk profile will be completed and an assessment made to determine the client's investment objectives and risk tolerance level. After the evaluation, we are able to design a personalized portfolio for the client and determine which of the following products would best suit their needs:



    • Bonds
    • Common stock
    • R.E.I.T.'S
    • Brokerage Accounts
    • I.R.A.'s
    • Annuities


Financial Planning

    • Retirement Plans
    • College Plans
    • Estate Plans
    • Business Planning



    • Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care Insurance



Neither Woodbury Financial Services, Inc., nor its registered representatives or employees, provide tax or legal advice. As with all matters of a tax or legal nature, you should consult with your tax or legal counsel for advice.